Trekking in the French and Swiss Alps (Sept 2005): Page 1

Tracy in Evian (where Evian water comes from). Evian water is free from the Evian bottling plant here.

INCREDIBLE houses!! We're in Bernex here, a small ski town in the French Alps near Lake Leman.

Tracy walking on a ridge on the way to Pass des Dents d'Oche.

Finally made it to the pass and the view from where we'd come from was beautiful. We had intended to sleep beside the lake but about 50 cows came and started licking our packs so we were forced to leave. Our packs were soaked with cow saliva.. it was disgusting!

We had to be careful crossing the ridge of this gigantic "bowl".

Tracy happy to be finished one of the more dangerous parts of our trek.

Beautiful facing south of the French Alps!

We met Wolfgang and Renata in La Chappelle d'Abondance. They were trekking to Chamonix and would be on the same path as us for several days. They had just gotten married and they were on their honeymoon. It was clear that Renata wasn't quite as happy about their honeymoon destination as Wolfgang was. Wolfgang was German, and Renata was polish and Tracy and I trekked with them for several days.

We found this on someone's front lawn. When I first took the picture of it I thought it was a submarine. When I got home I researched it and found out that it's a peddle boat and it was peddled across the atlantic in 2001! There's more information on the website:

The Alps abound with small, quaint and beautiful villages.

Making it to the Col de Bassachaux was a great achievement for us. But we still had HOURS of hiking to do that day :(

View from the Col de Bassachaux.

Unfortunately the novelty of walking in the clouds wears off VERY fast and especially if you are in one for 48 hours!

Tracy crossing the border from Switzerland into France.

Beautiful fresh waterfalls. We filled our waterbottles from a nearby stream which had branched off from this waterfall's source.

We finally got higher than the clouds and weren't plagued by constant dampness!

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