Skiing in the French Alps (2008/2009)

You know it's going to be a good day when you need chains on your car tires to drive to the mountains.

One of Arno's first wipeouts of the year.

Garrett on top of Isola


Jane in her white suit.. gotta stay close to her otherwise she dissappears!

View of Isola 2000

Perfect powder day!

Uh oh.

Garrett on probably the best powder I've ever skied.

You can't ask for a better place to wipe out :)

Bootcam! If you can't find a helmet cam, improvise :D


Ou lookie powder!

Camille and I enjoying a sunny ski day!

It might not hurt falling in powder like this but it certainly takes a while to get back up!

Yes.. it was that warm out!

Camille at the summit of Isola

Ahh.. I love skiing :)

Well at least there's fresh snow ;)

I actually swallowed a mouthful of snow during this wipeout :D

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