Snowshowing in the French/Italian Alps (2008/2009)

Patrick, Arina and Hannah on our way towards le Vallee des Merveilles

Arina, Hannah and I almost ready for our snow picnic!

And a sunray shone down on Hannah as she sees the perfect picnic spot :)

Snow Picnic!

It's way more fun going downhill on yer bum!

Arina sliding down

Patrick was brave enough to snowshoe down the steep parts

Camille eating lunch shortly after starting our uphill snowshoe to Lac Trecolpas near Le Boreon


I can't remember what she said but she deserved to get pushed into the snow :)

It's nice to find signs sometimes :)

Where's the railings?

View as the sun was setting, leaving us snowshoeing in deep powder in the dark :(

Shadow fun!

Sunset (I think.. might have been sunrise? hmph.. camille?)

The bear outside our tent :)

Packing the snow for a tent pitch

Bon appetit Camille!

Snow camp

Don't talk to me before my morning coffee! :P

Tons of snow!

Stop messin around!

Camille's revenge came when I least expected it :D

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