Lac Leman (Lake Geneva) to Chamonix through the French/Swiss Alps (with Ma and Pa) (August 2007)

We began the trek in St Gingolph on Lac Leman.

Not long after we left it started getting cloudy. People often quit hiking when the climate doesn't suite them but we were determined.

Amazingly enough the bread on top of my backpack was still edible :)

I love baguette sandwiches!!!

In April 2006 Tyson Boer and I attempted the GR5 and were forced to stop because of extreme danger of avalanches. Pictures of our journey can be found here.

Our one and only group photo, this was taken in the morning of day 2 at the Refuge de Bise.

Amazingly enough my blackberry worked on almost every mountain pass or peak in the area. In this picture I was reading an email from Janelle and she said "I can't imagine where you'll be when reading this." Janelle: Now you know ;)

That's a custom made baguette holder baby!

Gorgeous forests in the Vallee d'Abondance, Valley of Abundance.

It was raining in Switzerland too :(

We stopped to catch our breathe at the Franco/Swiss border. This little outpost isn't running anymore but is still maintained. It was REALLY cold up there!

Mom and Dad walking back into France (Look at that border gate! Almost impenetrable :)

We couldn't believe it.. the SUN WAS OUT!!! :)

Gorgeous waterfall.

Some difficult portions of the GR5 trail have ladders bolted to the rocks for safety.

Ahhh bivy camping.. it's great when it's not raining :) Unfortunately it did rain that evening, and night, and the next morning, and that afternoon.

There is NOTHING like hiking for 2 weeks and then walking over a mountain pass and seeing this! These breathtaking views are a large part of why I love hiking. Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in Europe.

The last camp before Chamonix.

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