The Grand Traverse of the Alps Part 1 (August-October 2008)

Filling our wine bag for the first time :)

Filling our bottles from the official Evian spring.

A bouquetain taking in the view from on top of the cliff.

Tyson Boer and I attempted the Grand Traverse of the Alps on snowshoes.. BIG MISTAKE. We got lost near this col and ended up sleeping on top of the mountain in the snow so that we wouldn't get hit by an avalanche during the night. Much better in the summer ;)


Coolest spider web I've ever seen.. looks like a CD!

When you haven't had a shower in days then you take what you can get :)

Crossing back into France at the Franco/Swiss border.

The Franco/Swiss customs office.. hmmm.. looks closed.

Stocking up our food (and wine) supplies in Samoens.

One of our many wild camping pitches

Bathing in a waterfall.. COOOOLD!!

When Jane saw this sign she said "you can't camp or bring dogs into this park.. you can't even be SICK in this park!!!". The middle icon looks like a man barfing but it's really a man picking flowers :)

Camping in the clouds

Indiana Jane by Lac d'Anterne

Can you see me? I'm sure I'm in the picture somewhere!

Washing in a river

Jane cooling off in a river

Chillin' ;)

Jane found and picked us a BUNCH of wild blueberries (myrtilles).

Jane has a little problem when it comes to blueberries :(

The dreaded ladders at Le Brevent

Hanging from the treacherous ladders just to scare mom ;)

Col du Brevent

View of Mont Blanc and the city of Chamonix below

A brief respite in Chamonix from our daily 9-10 hour ascents and descents

Worst case scenario!

The maestro

Jane in Chamonix

Beautiful view of Mont Blanc

Translation: The French Federation of Snorers and Farters

Notre Dame de la Gorge

This is Jane attempting to look miserable. She's not fooling anyone.. she loves the rain!

We were well equipped for the storm!

Hmmm.. looks like some of our stuff got wet during the storm.. luckily the next morning was sunny!

I hadn't showered in a few days so I climbed halfway up the waterfall to a pool and had a bath. Little did I know that I was being watched!

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