The Grand Traverse of the Alps Part 2 (August-October 2008)

Knights Templar cross on a rock in the middle of nowhere!

Marmot hole!

Camping at a ski resort under the chairlift. The next morning a helicopter landed beside us which made us leave a little faster than usual.

We got lucky that when it started raining we found this shelter!

It's easy to look like the lake at 2500m isn't cold if you are only up to your knees.

Once submerged it's hard to pretend the water isn't cold! :)

Church in the middle of nowhere.

When you see a cloud like this.. you take cover! Luckily shortly after we found a cave and slept in it!

We found a cave and decided it would make a great campsite!

Morning in our cave.

They predicted storms that day.. looks like we avoided them by ascending above the clouds muhahaha!

Stone shingles

"Risk of falling objects". uhh.. what the heck?

Our first -10C night. Luckily we'd stolen some old wood from a nearby refuge to make a fire :)

Our second -10C night.. gotta love waking up to frosty boots.

Now THAT's a rockfall!

Jane, dead.

SNOOOOOWW!!! YAYY!! When we reached a col all sweaty and gross from hiking uphill all day we welcomed the cool relief of the snow patch!

To shortcut across a zigzagged path we decided to rock ski down this. SOOOO much fun!!! Not recommended without trekking poles and at least some experience skiing.

Sometimes you just have to indulge :)

Cooking over the fire after we ran out of stove fuel.

Uh oh.. our trail is blocked!

Swimming in Lac Ste Anne at 2500m.. water was probably about 4C.. bloooody cold but it was great to get clean.

Suntanning at 2500m.. 10 minutes later we were walking through snow again.

View down to Lac Ste Anne from 2700m one of the highest points on the entire Grand Traverse of the Alps trail.

Jane pondering existence.

Not quite IKEA

We found an old bunker in the middle of nowhere in a valley.

View from inside the bunker.

At the end of the underground hallway I found this door.. it was impenetrable.

Hiking in the clouds.

Spooky forest!

Don't mess with Jane, she gots mad huge pipes!


We found a free refuge which had an old woodstove and some wooden dortoir style beds.

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