The Grand Traverse of the Alps Part 3 (August-October 2008)

Old French army barracks

Jane the human clothes-line


"This is my intimidation stance, ph34r me!"

Arriving into a hamlet we found a note written from some new friends of ours Arne and Eva from Belgium.

Arriving into a hamlet we found a note written from some new friends of ours Arne and Eva from Belgium.

Shortly after we crossed into the Alpes Maritime province, the hottest and sunniest province in all of France, we got snowed on!

Auron ski village!

You know you are in trouble when the storm cloud is ONLY on top of you and nowhere else!

Cave central!

During the 38 day hike we saw an incredible number of signs depicting these white herding dogs as herders and guarders of sheep. The signs said you should be cautious around them and not aggressive. This one certainly looked dangerous!

Watch out.. this guard dog is hungry!

Carrying 4 days of food to make it through the remote Vallee des Merveilles (valley of marvels) where ancient bronze age people had carved petroglyphs into the rock faces.

Almost october and the colours are changing in the high allps!

When you wake up in a tent and it's below 0C your first glimpse of the sun in the morning is the greatest feeling in the universe!

Jane and I certainly know how to hike :)

Next time I'm bringing rope!

Another -10C night and the pot I'd left water in to soak overnight was frozen.

Spot the tent

Indiana Jane!


Curious Chamois

Bouquetain! Wouldn't wanna mess with one of those guys!

In the Vallee des Merveilles the rocks were ALL sorts of colours. I've never seen anything like it before.

Bronze age petroglyphs in the remote Vallee des Merveilles.

At first I was appalled to see all the graffiti in the sacred Vallee des Merveilles until I started looking at the dates! 1829? 1854? damn!

After 38 days of hiking this was our first glimpse of the Mediterranean and Menton. We needed only descend1200m altitude to get to the sea.

Ahhhh the Mediterranean!

Success! The entire Grand Traversee des Alpes in 38 days!! WOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!@$!@#$!@#$




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