Hiking the Balcony of the Mediterranean / French Riviera (May 2006)

The Mediterranean from the shores of the French Riviera

That's the craziest pilot in the world.. he must have come just a few meters from touching the cliff!

Amazing view!

This was the only flat ground we could find to pitch our tents!

Tyson the Photographer!

A nice swimming spot near the end of our day.

Vegetarian house

We could see almost 180 degrees of this rainbow!

These were some mean dogs.. luckily the holes were too small for their bodies to fit through, otherwise we wouldn't have stopped to take pictures :)

Although my initials were on the sign, I don't recall buying any property in France.

If there's something to climb, he'll climb it!

Yay, shade!

Who needs a compass?

Ever dream that you were falling? ;)

Definately a "fixer upper"!

Ty's feet didn't agree with his boots!

A great mural on the side of a building.. even the windows are painted on.

We found this stump on display in an old church yard.

Quaint little villages everywhere.

The nice thing about hiking is that you get to eat as MUCH food as you want :)

Sometimes we'd find a nice path right along the Meditteranean

I wasn't tired I swear!

Whenever we found a nice place to swim we took full advantage of it. The only problem was that when the salt water dried on our skin we had salt crystals all over us.

Where a river hit the mediterranean a sand bar was formed which was shallow enough to walk across.

A neat little fort near Le Point du Cap Roux

Location Location Location!

Here I am doing tech support on my BlackBerry. Gotta love technology!

Pierre Cardin's Bubble House

The most impressive sand sculpture I've ever seen!

Tyson on the beach near Nice

VilleFranche sur Mer, just East of Nice, is one of the nicest villages on the Riviera.

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