Bali, Indonesia. (Nov 2000)

Just got off the plane!

Mark and me on the beach

Mark doing a handstand

Me about to hurt myself

wooooHOOOO I love Indonesia!!

These pictures are included for the sole purpose of indicating how important proper sun protection is. Oh.. and to gross you out! HAHA!

Bali's famous Barong!

A Macaque. Although I've never really gotten along with Macaques, the "Monkey Forest" in Bali is a must see!

After an intense arguement about Indonesia's current political situation we both reluctantly posed for the photo.

Despite countless requests Tracy still refuses to groom me.

My favorite game is to pretend there's something in your hand and run away before the monkey bites you for tricking him!

They almost look real don't they?

Gary doing what he does best.



Don't ask.

Where's Chris?

Gary at the Bamboo Bar

Our Beautiful Balinese Bamboo Bar Bartender!!

Nothin' like a cold Bintang and a fruit juice in a Bamboo Bar

Uhh.. cool!

Gunung Batur erupts every few years yet it's still prime real estate :)

Your guess is as good as mine

Swimming at sunset is so relaxing. That is until the tide comes in and starts pulling you out to sea and you have to swim with all your strength to save yourself from drowning.

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