Cave Tubing in Belize (January 2008)

We had to wade across a river holding onto a rope and then hike a trail that went through some cave systems to get to the start of the river cave entrance.


This is the river cave's entrance.

Janelle and I preparing to get into the water.

Once we floated into the cave it slowly got darker and darker as the light from the entrance to the cave became dimmer.

Although we brought headlamps we often kept them off and it was pitch black!

Ty didn't know what hit him! :)

Luckily the flash could light up a good portion of the cave.

When the rapids sped up we went single file and held on to each other so that we could stay together.

Approaching the cave exit

A waterfall IN the cave!

Ahhhh... so relaxing :) pura vida!

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