Borobodur, Java, Indonesia. (Nov 2000)

The biggest Buddhist temple in the world! (note: I think they may have recently found one that is bigger!)

Amazing art on the walls!


Something tells me it's a Buddhist temple


Art on the Walls

Gary climbing to the next level

Top stage of the temple.. there are 72 stupas on Borobudur which is a significant number for many.

Mark and I are buddhas!

Mark and I at the top stage

Enjoying the View

Chillin with the Buddha


Apparently WE are the attraction.

Top of the Temple

More Stupas

We got a lot of attention! (red hair? skin colour?)

The children followed us around for a long time!

We tried to out-run them but they were fast!!

My favorite photo.. I've never seen a happier group of kids!! =D

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