Cambodia and Angkor Wat/Thom (June 2004)

The moat around Angkor Wat is just beautiful and amazingly clean considering the number of tourists who frequent this area. Tracy's cousin went swimming in the moat with some of the local children.

Angkor Wat at sunset. Taken from the other side of the moat.

Tracy standing at the northeast corner of the Wat.

Tracy and I after entering the front gates.

View from behind the stone guards of the Wat.

I'm assuming this is a guard.

Relief of a dancer.

Reliefs such as these are found all over the place.

They sure liked their dancing girls :)

Tracy in Angkor Wat

Relief of a strangely clad elephant :) (I'm so technical!)

Big Bhudda in Angkor Thom.

This is the entrance to Angkor Thom.

Me with one of the statues near the entrance of Angkor Thom

Incredible entrances gates on all sides of Thom.

Me with a big smiling head. These are abundant in Angkor Thom

Me and Tracy in near one of the many Angkor Thom ruins

Some of the trees here are incredibly huge.

The ruins are so old that there are 100 foot trees who's roots have grown over the bricks. Perhaps you remember these scenes from the movie Tomb Raider

We climbed many of the ruins but the steps here were incredibly steep and many people had problems going down. One woman actually was frozen and near crying half way down.

Tracy in Angkor Thom

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