Costa Rica and Nicaragua Part 1 (2009)

Waxin' the boards

woooo you go girl!

this can hardly be called surfing but it was the only decent pic of me actually on the board ;)

Nice rashguard ;)

Chillin' in Dominical

Still chillin' in Dominical

whoa easy there Camille ;)

uh oh.. the tide came in!

Imperial beer.. mmmmmmm

Nauyaca waterfall near Dominical

playing at Nauyaca falls

swimming in Nauyaca falls

typical french hiking outfit ;)

yay.. a transport picked us up while hitchhiking!!


A hermit crab convention

beach hike on the Nicoya Peninsula

Howler Monkey! scary!

beach hike on the Nicoya Peninsula

luckily Camille spotted this spring, otherwise we would have had to drink nasty brown water from the nearby falls ;)

beach campsite Nicoya Peninsula

relaxing with morning coffee/tea

Perfect campsite!

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