Costa Rica and Nicaragua Part 2 (2009)

I don't see why we shouldn't have a beer if we're just going to be sitting on the side of the road hitchhiking :D

enjoying our beers while hitchhiking

laziest hitchhiker ever! ;)

lets go find some sharks!

Small wreck off the coast of Costa Rica

White tipped reef shark! I really gotta buy a real underwater camera!


"say WHAT?"

relaxin between dives

coco beach sunset silhouettes

sunset at Coco Beach

Concepcion Volcano, Isla Ometepe

Climbing the dried lava flow to the summit of Concepcion volcano

Admiring the crater from the rim

Concepcion Crater

Concepction Crater

View of Volcan Maderas from the summit of Volcan Concepcion

Me on the summit of Concepcion

Volcan Maderas behind me

Kinda scary place to pose :)

Campsite on Concepcion

Our campsite on Conception Volcano.. the only flat ground we could find!

Arenal Volcano


We had our very own lagoon at the place we rented on the beach in Cahuita!

"Playing" in the lagoon. (I won of course)

Camille on the beach in Cahuita park

Me on the beach in Cahuita Park

monkeys :D

ou ou ou ahh ahh ah!

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