March Break in Chicago. (March 2002)

Got to Chicago. Third largest city in the USA. Really nice. Lots of poverty though. Sad.

Church or somethin.. i donno :)

Great name for a bar!

I believe this is the second tallest building in Chicago. The first is the Sears tower which I dont have any pictures of for some reason.

Glad that aint my job ;)

Rush Street Bars. One place served us one free shot every day.

I have no idea who he is :)

Oh ya.. we're treacherous!@#$!@#$

Going to see Jerry Springer.. camera wasn't allowed inside.

Interesting statue outside the John Hancock

Back in the hotel room!

Apparently she thinks tourists are funny. Especially when they ask where the "pumpin bars are at?"

Smashing Pumkins Karaoke!

Chicago Girls!

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