China (May 2004)

The first hotel we stayed at in China after crossing the border from Laos said they had a pool. We weren't impressed :)

We arrived in Kunming early in the morning and the traffic was light. Within about 20 minutes there were thousands of bicyclists on the streets.

The sleep train had beds stacked 3 high with very VERY little room. I was on the top and it was one heck of a climb :)

When Tracy's cousin Al said we were going to play basketball in the University's basketball court I pictured a small court with few people playing. I was a little off.

Tracy's uncle insisted that we go get haircuts. Considering my hair was only a half inch long I said that I didn't really think I needed a haircut. He insisted so we went to get haircuts. After an hour of having my head massaged by the hair dresser they took about a quarter inch off my hair and then gave me another 20 minute head massage. Well worth the dollar we paid!! :)

We went to a market where they were selling dogs, cats, and hundreds of other animals. As a vegan I've never tried fresh pug before.

The Josephs (Tracy's uncle's family) were teaching english in Nanning and they showed us a great time in China and we'll definately visit them again.

Aubrey (left) was kind enough to lend us her apartment while we were in Nanning for which we are very thankful.

Tracy sporting her "Wo Tse Su" shirt. Translated it means "I am vegetarian". China was the most difficult place I've ever been to find Vegan food but the T-Shirts we had made made it much easier :)

The Josephs suggested that Tracy and I travel to a place north of Nanning with a name that I can't even pretend to pronounce so I dare not guess how to spell it either. It was a beautiful village with high mountains and high altitude fresh air.

A neat distance sign post with Major cities of the world and their distances from where we were.

I did NOT expect to get THIS when I ordered a fruit salad. I've never seen a more aesthetically pleasing fruit salad in my life.

These young girls were trying to sell us flowers while we were eating. Flowers don't fare well in my backpack so we didn't buy any. I did, however, offer them some fruit salad =D

Tracy and I had been getting small portions of food so we decided to order a few different plates of vegetarian food from the vegetarian restaurant we found. I got more than I bargained for! For the first time in history I didn't finish my supper!

Tracy and the view from the village (again, I can't spell or pronounce the name of it :).

On the way back to Laos we spent many hours trying to communicate with our bus mates but since only ONE of the 7 people in this picture spoke any english at all, it was difficult.

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