Costa Rica (February/March 2008)

On our way to Arenal Volcano we heard about a series of beautiful waterfalls so we went on a short hike to check them out.




Hahaha.. I don't know what happened but I love this picture!

Enjoying the environment before we head back to the car.

Crazy roots!!! Had to stop for a few pics ;)

Cutest pizotes EVER!

Great shot of the 3 of us in front of Arenal. You can see lava flowing out of it at night.

We found this sign on the way to the hotsprings and had to take advantage of it ;)

Unfortunately drinks were $10 a pop! Yikes!

There were SOO many pools and each had a different temperature. A remarkable place!

Uhh yeah.. of course I brought my laptop to the hotsprings.. I'm a computer geek :)

Janelle loves helicopters!

Janelle and I did some hiking on Chirripo Volcano in southern Costa Rica. This is the hotel we stayed at and parked the car at. High class ;)

The trail was great

We saw a tarantula!!!

The Tercel was in pretty bad condition at the end of the trip so I just gave it to a random guy before we left (with a case of coolers in the back! ;)

This was my first car so it was hard giving her away and leaving her in costa rica :(

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