Hiking on the Cote d'Azur (2008/2009)


Hiking along the GR51, Balcony of the Mediterrannean

Quaint little St Agnes

Quaint little St Agnes

Sunset over Cap Martin

Sunset over Monaco, France and Italy

Monte Carlo

Tyson, Ludo and I got caught in a storm while hiking on the GR51 above monaco. Tyson doesn't look pleased!

What a cheerful bunch we were :D

Roquebrune / Cap Martin



Hiking to the Col du Bresson

Getting higher!

Lunch time!

me wolfing down a loaf of bread :)

Fred and her crazy hair!

This would have been a great campsite!

View of the alps from the top of Col du Bresson

View of Vintimiglia, Italy from Col du Bresson


View from my tent on top of Mont Gros

Sunset from the top of Mont Gros

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