Cusco/Cuzco, Peru. (May 2002)

The Plaze De Armes. Main plaza in Cusco!

It's a really nice place except that since Cusco is 3500m above sea level it's usually around 5C to 10C inside and outside hehe (No one has heated houses damnit!)

If you look behind the church to the right you can see the words "Viva El Peru" in the mountain.

This is the hostel I stayed at in Cusco both before and after I visited Machu Picchu. It is a great Hospedaje, and only about $3.25 Canadian per night.

Vilma and I took turns cooking meals for a few days. I got the better end of the deal because she's a better cook than me :) (Buena Cosinar!!)

I wouldn't be surprised if this is the highest STIHL dealership in the entire world! :) (3500m above sea level)

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