Cairo, Egypt (December 2004)

The owner of the hotel we were staying at took us and his Canadian girlfriend to a local place where you can see almost all of Cairo.

While enjoying the sunset we smoked apple flavoured shisha.

After trying to sneak into the pyramids and failing we found an unused camel and a local guy helped Nat and Kelly get on it.

Inside one of the ruins on the Giza Plateau.

Camels resting in the hot sun on the Giza Plateau

Took this picture just after we paid for our tickets to see the pyramids.

Camels are VERY grumpy about humans riding them.

Pictures of the Sphynx. It's difficult to get close to. They've put fences around it, and there's also a trench around it from where they've dug it out.

I donno what happened.. I swear I was focusing on the sphynx!!

Statue outside of one of the tombs.

We had to climb down into this tomb and there was still bones in the sarcophagus. The room was chiselled out of a rock and it was very strange being in there considering the opening to get out was about 2 feet high.

The top of Khafre

Shots of the Pyramids.

I got in trouble for climbing this high. But it was well worth it!

These blocks are bigger close up than they appear.

The front door to Khufu (Cheops)

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