Children of Ethiopia (December 2004)

While hitchhiking we would often get rides in the back of big trucks. When they stopped for long periods of time our skin colour would attract crowds of people who rarely see white people. Unfortunately we had no common words to communicate and my usual pantomiming didn't work well with Ethiopians.

He absolutely loved his wheel toy.

They said they were Falasha descendants. Falashas are Black Jews who, when recognized as Jews by Isreal were all given Isreali citizenship. Most people say there are no Falashas left in Ethiopia but they just aren't looking hard enough ;)

Another crowd of kids staring at our skin colour.

That's one tough girl. I know I wouldnt be smiling with that much water on my back.

While hitchhiking we met some girls walking home from school. We couldn't communicate but they were delighted to see the pictures of themselves on the LCD screen on my camera. They kept posing so I kept taking pictures and showing them.

Many of the girls have tattoos on their heads. I'm not sure what they mean though.

Another tough girl. North american children have it SOOO easy.

Little girl with a mohawk.

This little baby surprised me by sneaking up to the open door of my hotel room while my back was turned and yelling "DA!!". Luckily it was a high ceiling because I jumped 3 feet in the air.

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