Hiking in the Simien Mountains of Ethiopia (December 2004)

Local boy travelling by horse.

This is our horse Amar (which we paid $75 USD for) and our scout Chilot. Chilot wasn't there to protect us.. he was there to protect the animals and plants FROM us. It is mandatory to bring a scout on any trek in Ethiopia. Very annoying.

Amar and Chilot in the sunset.

Chilot and I taking a break. Not that Chilot needed one.. if it was up to him we'd have never taken breaks!

Chilot, Kelly, and Nat and a waterfall in the background.

Beautiful waterfall.

Me resting on the edge of a cliff.

There were baboons EVERYWHERE! They aren't aggressive, at least not against us. Macaques in Indonesia are mean little guys but the baboons were nice.

Baby riding on mothers back.

Close up of a baboon sitting near the trail.

Baboons have absolutely no fear of heights. This guy was sitting on a 6 inch outcropping with a 400m drop under him.

We REALLY wanted to go swimming in that waterfall but we decided that hiking soaking wet for another 3-4 hours might not be comfortable. Chilot probably didn't want to stop either. He hated stopping. I hate bringing guides and scouts on hiking trips.

Magnificent views.

The sun was beating down hard and Nat's hat wasn't enough.

Kelly and Nat on the trail.

On the trail we met a boy who could play the flute. We gave him and his friend a bit of money for the entertainment.

Great place to take pictures.

Chilot gave me his gun for the picture. I dont think it suits me :)

Cows on the road.

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