Gili Air, Lombok, Indonesia (Aug 2001)

Gili Air

I just about fell getting off that boat :)

She told me she'd kill me if I put this picture on the internet. Obviously, based on my own principles and attitude towards threats, I had no choice :)

Our room was HUGE and only $20 a night!

Unfortunately you'll have to endure my bare ass to get a better look at our room.

We had a little pond outside the hotel

No it's not a dress!

Caught reading :)

My sarong is just so darn comfortable! Unfortunately it's not tolerated in Canada :)

Pooh Pillows!

The biggest event of every day was when the kids played soccer each night.


Gili Fishing

Snorkelling off Gili Air is marvellous but unfortunately the pictures didn't capture the colors!

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