Guatemala. (April 2002)

This is the first time I had ever hitchhiked.

Tasha enjoying the cool wind.

Lake in the city of Remate

People washing their clothes in the river.

Waiting for a bus that might take us to the outskirts of the city.


Sayaxche!! We came all the way here and then decided we wanted to see Tikal, so we decided to backtrack about 200km.

Lots of little markets everywhere that sell fruits and vegetables at great prices.

On our way to Tikal we decided to take a swim in the lake in Remate.

The police are unbelievably nice in Guatemala. These officers picked us up hitchhiking and brought us 10km past their destination just to take us to Tikal National Park.

Some kinda turkey? :)

It's not a racoon but it's from the same family. I can't remember the name of them.

Kids that lived at the house we camped at in Remate on our way back to Sayaxche

Beautiful place to camp!

Hitchhiking can be very comfortable if you get to sit on big bags of dry corn :)

I've got 5 bux that says Tasha could kick their butts!

This was the longest ride we got. It only went a short distance but the highway was a dirt road through mountains.

Small city we stopped in for a break.

These kids were amazed when I took their picture with the digital camera and showed it to them a second later.

Do not try this at home! It is probably illegal! But sittin on top of a transport truck in Guatemala is encouraged! hehe :)

Cement powder is actually comfortable to sleep on amazingly enough.

Playing hackysack with some Maya decendents while waiting for trucks to try to hitch a ride with

Solo los chicas ahora :)

The city of Sacapulas: very nice market!

It was here that the guatemalans introduced me to Beer mixed with Vegetable juice. It was deliscious, so I drank a good lot of it! :)

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