Honduras (February 2008)

This new border station between Guatemala and Honduras was new and they didn't have any car entry permits so they forced us to stay at the border overnight. Hence the expressions on our faces!

Since there were no restaurants nearby we cooked on the floor of the hotel room :)

Our scuba certification course in Roatan was 4 days and was just fantastic.

Ty and I in our wetsuits.

Ty ready to go!

Tyson, Me and Janelle

Janelle and I ready to go down!

Tyson and Janelle playing on the bottom.

Does this photo really need a caption?

A soggy bunch we are!

Chilling out on the "Wish You Were Here".

Janelle and I rented a scooter for the day and explored some of the island.

As soon as we rented the scooter it started raining so we took cover under a tree until it stopped.

The beaches on Roatan are amazing!

Crystal clear warm water

Time to work on our tans

Lookey what I found! I think it's time to do some dock jumping :)



We had a few shots left on our underwater disposable camera and Janelle took this shot of me and Ty jumping off the 2 storey dock at sunset.

Time to head back and start partying!

Ready to PARTAY!

goofy group shot

In search for the perfect place to lay on the beach

Janelle and the sunset

Uhh.. what do you mean you don't want me passing while going up hill in a car with only 3 working cylinders while there are 2 transports on a collision course?

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