Hiking to the Mayan ruins of Nakum in Guatemala (February 2008)

Janelle and I flex for the camera before we start our 18km jungle hike to Nakum. We were warned to watch our for Jaguars! How comforting!!!

Group shot before we start the hike

When we arrived at the ruins we were exhausted!

Dirty girl!

We stayed in another hut similar to the one in Yaxha but this time it was right beside the crocodile infested water!

A crocodile! Unforunately by the time we'd got our cameras out he was already in the water.

The Nakum ruins are absolutely breathtaking. They have only been partially excavated and they receive next to no visitors due to the fact that most people aren't willing to hike 18km through the jungle battling jaguars along the way ;)


Is this a Window?

It was essential that we all get our pictures taken on this ledge!

Ty helped me down to the second ledge.. don't look down!!!!

We're goofs :)

Scariest kiss ever!

Ty fait le parkour!

Chris fait le parkour!

How'd you get down there?

Another group shot before we hiked back to Yaxha

Howler monkey!!

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