Hiking from Jiri to Everest in Nepal 3 (June 2004)

Namche Bazaar! Probably the most technologically advanced village on this trek. It even had a satellite internet connection. This is the hub for Everst climbers. Most of the buildings you see are hotels and stores.

Paintings in the Namche Bazaar Museum.

I took this picture from a suspension bridge.. wouldn't want to fall!

Bhuddist writing on a rock. You'll find these tibetan characters everywhere in the area.

Bhuddist Stupa.

Yaks! You don't even have to cut the fur off them.. you just pull and it comes off. Course.. there's some areas where if you pull the fur they get mightly angry so you need someone to hold onto the head.

Highest Bhuddist Monastery on Earth.

Crop fields.. just beautiful from this high.

Cold rain at >4km above sea level. Better eat your brocolli!

Raj, his friend, and I at a teahouse in Lobuche. It was very cold at this altitude. We were at approximately 4000m more more.

Getting higher.. the air is very thin and breathing is getting increasingly difficult.

Bhuddist prayer flags over this important pass. There is a Sherpa memorial plaque here.

This is almost the highest altitude I've ever been. We intended to go all the way to Kala Pattar which is at 5500m. Everest Base camp is at 5300m. Raj woke up with what we thought was altitude sickness so we had to get up at 2am and walk through the night to lower altitudes. Luckily for me the morning hours were completely clear of clouds. The first time in 20 days and the whole trek. I took hundreds of pictures of the snowcapped Himalayan mountains and I was just in awe of their Magnitude.

The great Ama Dablam.

Back at 4000m we still had clear skys. The views were magnificent but it was quite cold.

Although I didn't get any good pictures of Mt Everest, you can see it's peak sticking out from behind the Nupse and Lhotse range on the left side of the picture.

There's Lhotse again. Lhotse is right beside Everest and is just about the same height as Everest.

Spectacular Views!!

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