My Trek to Macchu Picchu (Part 1) (April 2002)

The Inca trail looks somewhat intimidating at first. But then you find out that the trails only SEEM to go straight over mountain tops.

The path was exceptional

After walking for about an hour on the Inca trail I came across a bar!

These ruins are called Llactapata.

Most of the trail is always following a river.

Camp 1. If you look closely you can see my rice and cream of brocolli soup cooking :)

This place had some of the most beautiful scenery I've ever seen in my life.

Many farmers have built their farms on top of ancient ruins.

Peru is incredibly diverse.

The trail is about 45km.

I can't even imagine how many years it took to pave this trail with stones.

Highest altitude I've ever slept in my life. 4km above sea level. As long as you arent trying to run around then breathing is easy :)

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