My Trek to Macchu Picchu (Part 2) (May 2002)

Since I didn't have a ticket, and the guides told me that I may be arrested at control post 3 (the last control post before Machu Picchu) I decided I have better turn around and go back to km88 of the train tracks.

A small village built on inca ruins.

Llactapata again but this time I'm walking back :)

A old building

I finally made it to km88. Since I started at km82 on the train tracks, I had never been to km88 before and I didn't know anything about the place.

When I arrived to km88 I sat down and contemplated where I was going to stay that night and which route I would take to Aguas Calientes the following day. Shortly after I sat down a man named Huang came biking down towards me. He insisted that I could stay at his house for the night but we must get out of site of the police because they wouldn't let me across the bridge without a trail ticket. Huang's family owned a farm on inca ruins and so that night I slept on inca ruins myself. That night I made sghetti and shared it with Huang and his son.

Huang, his son, and his mother. His wife and father were dead. :(

I decided to walk the 23km train track to Aguas Calientes

You had to be very careful not to be in a tunnel when a train came because there is was only room for me or the train.

The train track also followed a river.

There were about 5 tunnels on this 23km stretch.

It was pretty easy walking as long as you kept the same stride as the wood on the track.

This was a ruin that kinda looked like a castle from far away. Lots of terraces around it.

After sleeping in Aguas Calientes I climbed up the mountain to Machu Picchu

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