My Trek to Macchu Picchu (Part 3) (May 2002)

And so I entered the site.

The masonry is just incredible. I have no idea how they cut the rocks so precicely!

All the rocks fit together perfectly.

I'm not sure what these bowl type things are for.

Magnificient terraces built for either agriculture or beauty? I dont know.

The llamas seem to be their replacement lawnmowers.

More terraces.

Big rocks!

That's the biggest man shaped rock I saw.

The side of a house.

If you look closely you can see indents in the rocks for where you put a log of wood and then form the roof of the house.

Astrological calendar? I donno! :)

Big door. Big rocks!

The classic Machu Picchu photo.

A house that has

I don't know much about Machu Picchu so I'm just going to call this the Rock Bed :)

Left side of Machu Picchu.

Photo taken from high up! :)

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