Climbing Gunung/Puncak Rinjani Page 1 (Dec 2005)

Our guide showed us a place to climb and jump off a cliff into the water. Tyson was the only one with the courage(lack of sanity?) to do it!

The trek up Rinjani begins near a traditional Sasak village. Those bananas looked delicious, but were too heavy for us to haul up the mountain with us :)

The last hour before we hit camp 2 was rough because it was raining and we were completely soaked since it was too hot to put on our rain suits.

On the second day it started to pour rain and luckily Tyson and I found a small shelter within a minute after it started to rain. We wore our rain suits for the rest of the hike to the crater rim.

It's hard to find flat ground to camp on but we managed to find a fairly good spot on the crater rim. We spent the morning hoping that it would stay clear during the sunrise so that we could get some good pictures. We did get some decent pictures but nothing for national geographic :)

There were a lot of places which looked fairly dangerous but when you took them slowly and cautiously they were a piece of cake.

Luckily Tracy didn't come with us on the hike as planned. She would have hated the climbing parts ;)

Even with the clouds in the way the view was remarkable. Gunung Baru (the baby volcano) had a small eruption last year in October.

While we were hiking down into the crater there were a lot of paths like this. I would hate to have been the person that made the trail ;)

Who would have thought that there would be a forest in the crater of a volcano :)

You could see fish in the water and they didn't seem to be afraid of humans. We could have probably simply reached in and pulled them out with our bare hands.

The hotsprings in the crater didn't look appealing so we skipped the bath we had been anticipating so much.

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