Rinjani (Aug 2003)

Beautiful waterfall at the bottom of Gunung Rinjani. Takes about an hour to walk to it from the town of Senaru and there's no way to get to it without getting your damn feet wet.

Rice field in Senaru

Gunung Rinjani.. The sacred mountain of Lombok.. the indigenous people of Lombok bring their sick and dying into the crator of the volcano and soak them for days in the hot springs. It is known to cure them.

Monkey.. not a mackack though.. that was a nice monkey.

Broad daylight in the jungle is dark.

Big trees in the jungle

Agung on Bali from Rinjani on Lombok

We met 3 girls from France on our way up. We stayed in the same camp. And yes they smoked even there =D

Another picture of Agung

Tracy sleeping on the crater of the volcano.

Me on the crater rim. You can just see the top of Gunung Baru (New Mountain) inside the crator. In 1994 this volcano erupted and a mini volcano came out of the center of the crater.

Supper time!!

Sunset was gorgeous from 3km.

You can see the french girls admiring the sunset from a neighboring hilltop


The next day we had no water and it was hell.. This is Tracy starting the horrible trek down the volcano.

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