Mom VS Rinjani, Lombok, Indonesia (Dec 2005)

Mom and Tracy are ready to start climbing! We've just finished arranging 2 porters for the trip.

It's unbelievable that they actually carry things up the mountain this way. But.. I guess it doesn't matter how you carry gear if you have muscles like that!!

Mom and Tracy at the Rinjani Mountain welcome gate.

Our first break was at a rice farmer's hut and my mom found a kitten.

This was our first camp (called Camp 2).. my mom was lucky and got the blue tent to herself!

Although we only hired the porters to carry gear for us, they always found and boiled water for us. They were very kind.

It rained but we were well prepared for it.

Mom enjoying honey roasted peanuts after a long day of hiking.

The clouds cleared that evening and we got a fantastic view. You can see the the Indian Ocean.

She made it to the top on her first try! A third of the height of Mount Everest.

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