Trip to the Rocky Mountains (August 2004)

Tyson in a hammock while camping on the way to the rockies.

Coding in my hammock. Tracy wanted attention!

We finally arrived at Lake Louise. Beautiful lake, but Moraine lake is even MORE beautiful :)

Chateau Lake Louise

Moraine has the most beautiful colour of any lake I've ever seen in the world.

The water was 4C.. COLD. They told us "it's not a swimming lake!". We asked if it was against the rules to go swimming. They responded "no, but nobody does!"

This is us before we started the Glacier Lake trek.

About 20 minutes into the trek.

We endured a storm, dodged falling trees, and arrived at Glacier Lake exhausted. Apparently it was my fault because this was the way they looked at me for at least an hour after arrival.

I know it doesn't look as nice as Moraine Lake but it's incredibly pristine and beautiful.

Here is the glacier that gives the lake it's name.

I took a nap on the beach. Very relaxing.

We all layed on the beach at night and gazed at the stars. A solo trekker joined us.

The girls were able to sleep the entire way there and back in the car.

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