Volcano Tajumulco, Guatemala. (Aug 2002)

I thought the sign (Caution: Crazies!) was a joke, but when people started shooting guns and laughing at us half way up the volcano we decided the sign wasn't kidding and headed back :)

This is the volcano from about 2200m above sea level.

We were getting tired.. climbing uphill for long periods of time with a 60-70lbs pack on is very demanding of your muscles.

Gray is a machine!

I'm hoping Bibler will use this picture in their next catalogue. This picture was taken moments before people started shooting guns around us. Gray said they weren't aiming at us but the laughter we heard after each shot, and the thought of the "Crazies" sign at the base of the volcano was enough to give up the summit attempt and head to the beach :)

Looks like an aerial picture, but it was taken from our camp site.

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