Surfing and Relaxing in Tamarindo, Costa Rica (February/March 2008)

Our first day out surfing we didn't use rashguard shirts to protect our bellies.. Big mistake!

Time for a few drinks to finish off an exhausting day of surfing!

This time we have rashguards!

Awe.. matching rashguards.

Wooo Ty's about to fly!

Nice wave!

A rare occurance ;)

Damn she learns fast!

Surfing at sunset is soo nice!

Janelle and I drove to Playa Negra to see how the waves were there. The beach is 90% black rock (hence the name "Black Beach") and was certainly not an appropriate place for newbie surfers!

Colleen came to visit us for a week!

Mmmm.. babes with boards!

Will she catch it?

Time to have some fun on the beach


Fun in the Sun(set)


Here's our apartment in Tamarindo

We had a nice little pool outside our place.

There were iguanas ALL OVER the place.

Ou la la!

I wanna go SURFING!!!

A beautiful day and a cooler full of coolers :)

Me getting my tattoo.

Janelle getting her much more elaborate tattoo!

The finished product.

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