Tikal Ruins, Guatemala. (Aug 2002)

The ceiba tree is guatemala's national tree. They are very unique looking trees and some of them are absolutely HUGE. This isn't even the biggest one I saw ;)

This was a room in one of the ruins. I'm not sure what this room was used for. There was only ONE room that contained a bed shaped rock in it like this. Posturpoedic eat your heart out ;)

A really cool carving.

Tikal ruins are absolutely phenominal. And I'm pretty sure they haven't excavated them all yet. I'm not sure if they are even GOING to.

This temple is on half the guide books of Guatemala ;)

Tracy and I on one of the temples.

They fenced the room at the top of the temple off. It is fairly obvious why they were forced to do this.

Gray and Tracy on the temple's stairs. Those stairs are steeper than they look ;)

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