Yaxha Ruins, Guatemala. (Aug 2002)

We arrived in Yaxha thinking because we saw a sign with the Ruins symbol on it. We thought we would just stop and check it out. The site hasn't been fully excavated yet.. (maybe only 10%-20% finished) and everything was absolutely free. Then since it was getting late we asked one of the guards if there was a nice place to stay in the area. He told us to go down this road and we would find FREE accomodations. So we took my tercel down these CRAZY roads and when we finally got to the bottom (my car's muffler wasn't very happy), we found some beautiful huts. A worker greeted us and told us that the huts were completely free. I asked him how long we could stay there for free and he replied awkwardly "1 Year?". So we stayed in Yaxha for over a week and had a GREAT time.

Tracy, Gray and I simply went swimming, played ping pong (Canada VS Guatemala tournaments every night), played checkers, read, and hiked the whole time we were there. Guatemala won 99% of the ping pong games but don't worry.. no one spoke english so we could swear at them as much as we wanted :)

This is the beautiful lake our hut was on.

Where's Chris and Tracy? That was one hard climb :)

This HUGE carved stoned was laying on it's back on the ground so it was very difficult to get a good picture of. I decided (although I prolly woulda been shot if someone saw me) to STAND on it to get the best photo. I didn't realize until I got home that my toes were also in the picture :)

We decided to attempt the 17km hike to another ruin site. The look on Tracy's face really shows you how excited she was ;)

If you look closely you can see the excavators sleeping in their wheel-barrels. I can relate.. that's all I wanted to do after about an hour of hiking in blazing heat.

As you can see the pyramids are far from excavated. It's very exciting being at a site where an amazing archeological discovery could be made at any time.

This is an extremely tired GRAY :) This picture isn't very flattering and that's exactly why I put it on the internet :) I'm a good friend.

We hiked and hiked and being as smart as we are.. didn't bring a map. When we approached a fork in the road (had nothing to do with being out of shape I swear!!! ;) we decided to turn back. This is tracy and I when we finally got back home to our hut :)

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