Chillin' in Yaxha, Guatemala (February 2008)

Our first stop in Guatemala was the Mayan Ruins site of Yaxha. Yaxha is still being excavated and we stayed in a hut in the worker's compound. Yaxha was the site of the show Survivor Guatemala.

Me making a black bean salad for dinner

Hammocks are the greatest thing in the world!

Amazingly enough the lightweight nylon hammock held both of us!

Gotta love communal showers!

"Caution Crocodiles - Swim at your own risk." Obviously we decided to take a dip anyway ;)

Nothing like a nice swim during sunset!

It's a little freaky knowing there's crocodiles in the water.

Time to check out how the excavations are going!

Standing on top of a ruin overlooking Lake Yaxha

High Ty!

What? We weren't posing!

Broken Mayan stella

HAhahahahah I love this picture of Ty!

We're silly!

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